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As in our restaurants in the past, we offer traditionally fish dishes from this area. Now we offer wider selection of  dishes for the locals end tourists.

Mohács .12.03.2022

Havasi István és Havasiné Temesi Magdolna


Farkas Gábor


Fish Soups:
Carp fillet soup with noodles
3650 Ft.
Carp soup with carp slices
3650 Ft.
Catfish fillet soup
5550 Ft
Freshly baked fish
Fish craklings with red onion
1850 Ft.
Roasted and fried carp steaks, fries 4050 Ft.
Breaded catfish seasoned with lemon pepper, fries
5550 Ft.
Fillet of  Catfish a ‘la Mohács, fries with forest fruit sauce
5550 Ft.
Roasted or deep fried fillets of perch with “douchess” potatoes
4950 Ft.
Whole fried fillets of perch ,”douchess” potatoes (100g)
115 Ft. / 1dkg.
Garlic Pike fillet, fries
4350 Ft.
Silver carp fillets cracked black pepper, with fries
3950 Ft.
Fish of “Mohács” platter (for 2)
Fillet of breaded catfish seasoned with lemon pepper ;  fillets of Fried Catfish ; Fillets  of Carp coated in mashed potatoes ; fillets of Perch ; Silver carp with cracked black pepper.
FISH STEWS with curd cheese noodles
Sterlet Stew
4950 Ft.
Catfish Stew
5550 Ft.
Eel Stew
4950 Ft.
Carp Stew
4050 Ft.
“Veli Aga” salad (mixed salad with goat cheese) 1650 Ft.
Fried Camembert , rice, Cumberland Sauce 3250 Ft.
Breaded Mushrooms, fries, Tartar Sauce 3250 Ft.
Turkish peasant soup
950 Ft.
Pork ragu with tarragon 950 Ft.
local specialities
Spicy, smoked pork stew with beans
2850 Ft.
Spicy stuffed cabbage (minced pork in sauer kraut leaves)
3150 Ft.
from the grill
Chicken breast fillets coats in mashed potatoes , fries 3950 Ft.
Breaded, stuffeed chicken breast with smoked cheese, ham, seasoned with basil, mixed garnish
4250 Ft.
Cigány pecsenye
Spicy garlic pork cutlets, mixed garnish
4250 Ft.
Grilled Serbian sausage, roast potatoes, Ajvar (serbian sauce with roasted peppers and aubergine)
4550 Ft.
Minced meat paty (pork,beef), onions, roast potatoes, Ajvar (serbian sauce with roasted peppers and aubergine)
4550 Ft.
Pork Loin Busó-style
Breaded pork loin stuffed with bacon, mustard, cheese, onion, peppers, mixed garnish
4250 Ft.
Busó platter (for 2)
Pork Loin Busó-style, csevapcsicsa, fillets of catfish seasoned with lemon pepper, cigánypecsenye, sliced onions, Ajvar (serbian sauce with roasted peppers and aubergine)
10850 Ft.
Cabbage slaw 650 Ft.
Cucumber salad with sour cream and paprika
750 Ft.
Turkish cucumber salad
750 Ft.
Tomato salad
750 Ft.
Mixed salad 750 Ft.
Pickled peppers
650 Ft.
Pickled gherkins
650 Ft.
Tartar sauce
750 Ft.
Cumberland sauce 750 Ft.
Mixed forest fruits in palinka (brandy)
750 Ft.
Korsós pancake (filled with: walnut, sweet curd cheese, jam) served with compote,chocolate sauce, cream 1350 Ft.
Home made strudel (apple or sweet curd)
1350 Ft.
Turkish baklava
filled with walnut, almond in vanilla syrup
1350 Ft.
Home made pasta and Curd cheese with fried bacon cubes
1650 Ft.